Services Overview

FFS Low-Watt Density Vertical Line HeatersFFS offer a range of services to complement our comprehensive product supply. As we are essentially in the energy supply business we provide a full supply chain and technical services support as well as essential equipment necessary for the successful utilisation of our heating fuels.

Energy Management

  • Fuel selection advice. As it is not always obvious which fuel is best suited to an individual customer's plant, FFS carry out a detailed investigation to ascertain what specifications are required to allow for the lowest cost fit-for-purpose selection to be made. (read our Fuel Selection presentation).
  • Energy surveys. FFS carry out energy efficiency surveys where the total cost of energy is assessed and make recommendations for efficiency improvement.
  • Energy costing. Cost comparisons between fuels is a complex issue that requires specialist input that FFS are able to provide.
  • Tank level measurement and management. FFS can offer our customers a tank level measurement and telemetric reporting system for real-time stock measurement, planning and control. The results are hosted on our website and secured by password. This allows for remote management of product movement through the internet, with the additional service of high and low level alarms and sms messaging.

Fuel Reticulation Systems

  • Engineering design. FFS maintain the services of a number of competent engineers with extensive experience in combustion engineering and all the disciplines that relate to this (civil, structural, chemical, mechanical and instrumentation & control). We are the leaders in the design and installation of fuel oil reticulation systems to SANS 10131. Valves used are Petroleum Industry fire safe ball valves. Tanks are sized to ensure adequate safety of supply without tying up unnecessary capital and stock.
  • Fabrication shop. The FFS fabrication shop, situated at our Durban Head Office, has extensive capacity and capability to build fuel oil reticulations systems. The facility employs between 10 and 50 people, depending on the work load, and fabricates pressure vessels, road tankers, reactors, filters, centrifuges, distillation columns, evaporators, structures etc for our various process plants. It is equipped with a wide range of modern fabrication equipment to machine, cut, bend, roll and weld various steels.
  • Customer installations. FFS design and fabricate state-of-the-art installations including fuel oil tanks (23m3, 38m3, 56m3 and 83m3), line and out-flow heaters (9, 18, 36 and 45kW), piping, catladders and walkways, instrumentation and electrics. We also provide precast reinforced concrete bund walling for quick and efficient construction of tank containment areas.
  • Electric heaters. FFS design and fabricate the lowest Watt-density electrical heaters available, thus ensuring as long a service life as possible between cleaning.
  • Self-cleaning filters. Robust self-cleaning wedge wire filters are provided on our installations; these are either hand operated or mechanised to ensure trouble-free operation.
  • Instrumentation. A wide range of instrumentation is provided to suit all needs, from the cost conscious to the total controlled requirement. FFS also have the capability to design and program SCADA and PLC systems.
  • Spares. FFS keep a wide range of spares for the popular pumps, motors, filters, heaters, valves and instrumentation used on fuel oil reticulation systems.

Customer Technical Support

  • Fuel reticulation system inspection and maintenance. FFS are able to report on the state of the equipment and operation of your fuel oil reticulation system allowing management to gauge the state of their operation.
  • Combustion efficiency. FFS have a number of portable combustion gas analysers and also manufacture their own permanent in-line combustion gas oxygen analysers. These units can save anywhere from 3 — 12% efficiency and thus reduce the energy cost by the same amount. Efficiency reports highlight the effectiveness of the system and operation and highlight any shortcomings that can then be addressed.
  • Burner optimisation. Having analysed the flue gas, FFS' highly skilled technical staff are able to trim the burners to achieve optimal efficiency.
  • Slops recovery. FFS provide a service to recover and remove major spillages in tank bunds for recycling.