FFS Refiners Overview

FFS Refiners (Pty) Ltd is the largest supplier of industrial heating fuels in South Africa. The Company markets products for a wide variety of uses, including glass making, brick making, steam raising in boilers, billet re-heating, baking, incineration, laundry, road-mix heating, lime kilns, sand and stone drying. FFS Refiners currently has over 250 customers who collectively consume more than 300 000 tons of fuel oil per year.

The Company's head office is situated in Durban. There are six process plants and seven storage depots situated throughout South Africa.

overview1The processing facilities utilise a full range of technologies from thermal evaporation, static separation, low and high-speed centrifugation, filtration, blending, distillation, hydrogenation and cracking in order to achieve a wide range of products to exacting specifications.

In addition there are facilities for processing oily effluent water. Each process operation or branch has a fully equipped laboratory where analysis is carried out on each and every batch of fuel that leaves the plant.

All branches operate under stringent environmental management systems and are ISO 14001 accredited. Internal quality management systems are also in operation to ensure that all products consistently comply with the laid down specifications.

overview2The Company owns and operates a fleet of over 50 trucks which collect and deliver around 500 000 tons of fuel annually.

All road tankers are operated by Hazchem-trained drivers and carry the necessary documentation for the transportation of hazardous flammable liquids.

The highly skilled and competent engineering design department carries out research and development, as well as new plant and equipment design and construction. Much of the technology used in the oil refining solid:liquid and liquid:liquid separation has been developed by FFS.

The company also has a fabrication workshop where a wide range of plant and equipment is manufactured. This ranges from specialised road tankers, which are built to SANS 1518, to pressure vessels and heat exchangers, made to ASME VIII, as well as filters, reactors, fractionation columns, stills and centrifuges.

Our clients' fuel oil reticulation systems, which are fabricated to the highest standards, are made in our workshops and transported to our clients, where our skilled technicians install and commission them.