FFS Expo for Young Scientists

FFS Refiners is proud to sponsor the annual FFS Expo for Young Scientists whereby school learners in grades 8 to 12 in KwaZulu Natal are invited to submit a science project and compete for prestigious medals or valuable prizes. The Expo has been running for over 30 years and was set up in order to encourage young people to engage with all the steps in the scientific process.

Said Andrew Canning, Managing Director of FFS Refiners, “We believe that a country’s future is linked to the development of science and technology among high-school learners, as this is where our scientists and engineers will come from. We are proud to be sponsors of the ‘FFS Expo for Young Scientists’ as in so doing, we are encouraging young learners to consider a career in the science and technology fields”.

Science Expo

Pupils have to identify something worth investigating, design a scientifically accurate way of investigating this identified phenomenon, carry out the investigation, collect the results, analyse them and draw a logical conclusion from these results.

The entire scientific process in which they engaged has to be documented. The procedure, results and conclusions have to be summarised in an eye-catching poster and pupils are required to be able to discuss their project and research and explain to an outsider (who acts as a judge) how they conducted their research, what their findings were and how they reached their conclusions.

The projects are placed into categories based on the subject of the research so that projects investigating similar topics can be judged against one another. Projects are given a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd class award based on the ratings given by the judges. The students receive a medal for each of these awards.

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All projects are judged by at least 2, often 3, judges who have to reach consensus about final scores for the quality of the research conducted, whether it was conducted scientifically, quality of the poster and the level of insight into the research that becomes evident through the interview.

A standards committee is tasked with looking at all projects that are given 1st class awards in all the categories. These are then re-judged and allocated a bronze, silver, or gold medal award.

Science Expo