Environmental Commitment

The endeavours of man continue to produce ever-increasing amounts of waste, much of which is toxic. The need to minimise this waste and the dumping thereof has become an urgent problem. FFS is proud of its contribution to this pressing problem in the waste energy field, developing the technology required to utilise materials that would otherwise become a burden on the environment.

The extent to which FFS has contributed to environmental clean up in South Africa is impressive. Since 1974, the quantity of by-products, waste oils and dumped hydrocarbon material recovered, processed and utilised as high-grade fuel products exceeds 2 million tons.

The plants are equipped with full effluent treatment facilities to ensure that the aqueous effluents discharged fall within prescribed limits. FFS is the preferred fuel supplier for environmentally sensitive applications since our low sulphur products minimize air pollution.

The company is committed to maintaining high environmental standards and has SANS ISO 14001 accreditation for all of its operations.